Work began in the middle of an Orange winter; I remember coming back from holidaying in the heat of Vietnam; days where I experienced the intense colours of brilliant blue of the sky and ocean and the deep purples/magenta of the bougainvillea climbing up the sides of the buildings, to return to Orange in July and the absolute need to experience that warmth of colour again. And so in my studio a new palette emerged; warm hot colours that echoed fire and sun, orange/red and yellow. I began also to look at complementary colours as the eye will always search for a colour’s opposite. The use of these colours, colours directly opposite each other in the colour wheel threw up different relationships and variations in contrast and so began the dance with pink and orange.

For me also, the works mark a return to a motif from my past but with a new way of interpretation. Rhythmical sounds of the samba and tango bought a sense of colour and light into my studio as I discovered a lighter artistic voice and a new freedom of expression.

A palette nowadays is absolutely colourful: sky-blue, pink, orange, vermilion, strong yellow, clear green, pure wine red, purple.

Vincent van Gogh